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Gurdwara Charges

Guidelines and Rules of booking the Langar at Gurdwara Sahib

  1. The Guru’ Kitchen allows everyone of all faiths & backgrounds to come and have a free meal. The making, distributing, and partaking in Langar is open to all without any discrimination.
  2. The Gurdwara will provide the cooking facilities, crockery & utensils required to make the Langar. Sewadars (voluntary members of the congregation) will be on hand to guide and direct everyone accordingly. We request that all Sewadars are respected and treated with courtesy and their advice and guidelines are followed accordingly. They are there to help, support, and guide anyone wishing to take part in the making of Langar.
  3. Anyone who wishes to take part in the preparation/serving of Langar must cover their heads at all times, and Sewadars will respectively remind you to have your heads covered. This is for respect in accordance to the Maryada (code of conduct) for Langar.
  4. During the making of Langar, everyone should recite prayers, refrain from gossip, swearing, and slander as the Langar is made and presented to Guru Granth Sahib Ji first, and then distributed to the Sangat of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
  5. Due to Health & Safety, no children under the age of 16 will be allowed to take part in the preparation of Langar, but may serve Langar as long as they are accompanied by an adult at all times
  6. Guru’s Langar is pure vegetarian- this means no Meat, Fish, Eggs are allowed into the Gurdwara under any circumstances. Alcohol and Cigarettes are strictly prohibited.
  7. For bookings and pricing, the Gurdwara Secretary will be the main point of contact who will discuss and plan all arrangements with the family.
  8. For anyone wanting to do a Langar, the Gurdwara recommends the Standard Menu, which contains (Saturday & Extended Programs): 1 X Daal, 1 X Sabji, 1 X Sweet (pudding), Rice, Parchadey Yogurt & Pickle . If the family requires additional items such as Paneer, Fresh Saag, Fruit or Salad, then separate charges will apply.
  9. Standard Menu Sunday morning covers: 1 X Sabji (Aloo) or Chole, 1 X Sweet (pudding), Parchadey / Paronthey , Yogurt & pickle.
  10. The Gurdwara will discuss options, as the Gurdwara can provide the family with all ingredients, or the Family can purchase their own. The Secretary will discuss pricing with the family. An idea of how many people will attend will be required at booking.
  11. Any extra dish will be charged £75 per dish. (Applicable to every program) and Pakooreys will be charged £50.
  12. The Degh or Parshad may be made during the time Langar is being prepared. Only the Giani Ji (Priest) or an appointed Sewadar will be responsible for making the Parshad. For this, one large gas burner, and a small burner will be required. The making of Parshad will take around 30 minutes. During this time, the Parshad will be made while Prayers are spoken, everyone should observe silence during this time so full respect is maintained.
  13. The main days for a family to hold a Langar are Wednesdays evenings, Saturday evenings & Sunday mornings*. The timings for when the family can come to start making preparations for the Langar are as follows:
    1. Wednesdays: Anytime
    2. Saturdays: After 3pm only (this is due to Children’s Classes running during the morning into mid afternoon)

    3. Sundays: 6am onwards
    4. Anyone wishing to do an extended programme will be advised on 
timings/charges/arrangements accordingly.
*With exception to Gurpurabs, Akhand Paths, Funerals, Weddings etc
  1. The Kitchen and its contents must be cleaned and this is the responsibility of the family taking part in the Langar. This includes the washing and placement of all utensils, removal of all rubbish, and cleaning of Langar hall. If by any reason the family are unable to do this then there will be a cleaning charge of £30. This needs to be pre-arranged during the time of the booking.
  2. Rumala for Guru Granth Sahib Ji will provided free of charge by the Gurdwara Sahib for all programmes and a member of the Gurdwara will arrange this accordingly. The family is welcome to have their own made and bought if they wish. Please discuss this with the Secretary during the booking.
  3. Please fill the Gift Aid Form when you pay and the Gurdwara will provide the family with receipts. (Accept Giani Jee Bheta (£31) directly paid to Giani Jee)
  4. The Langar Hall cannot be changed, altered in set up unless there is agreement from the Gurdwara. The Langar Hall is setup so people can sit on tables & chairs, or sit on the floor (As per the original Code of Conduct of Guru’ Langar). The Langar Hall consists of 3 row’s of tables and chairs & 3 row’s of floor mats for those who wish to sit on the floor. The Gurdwara has some Baby Chair, which is available for use but we ask it is cleaned, and placed back after use.
  5. Any special requirements should be agreed with the Gurdwara while booking the Langar Seva, and full support will be given where possible.
  6. It is the responsibility of the Family to ensure that all guests are aware of the Gurdwara Policy for Langar. All guest must cover there head while in Gurdwara premise, The Gurdwara will not tolerate any unruly behavior, violence, aggressive and rude conduct from anyone, and will have persons removed.
  7. Please also note, the volunteers are there to support and help you, and their aim is to ensure that full respect is maintained during the making and distributing of Langar. We ask you respect and follow their lead, as they will want to make sure those partaking in the Sewa are doing correctly, and in accordance to the Maryada of the Gurdwara.
  8. This is a Gurdwara for all, so please treat it with respect, maintain cleanliness and comply with the guidance of all Volunteers and the Management Team.
  9. First Aid boxes are located at the back room in between the large refrigerators.
  10. The Gurdwara has limited car parking space in the forecourt. The side roads are free after 5 pm Monday-Saturday, and free all day Sunday. The Gurdwara will not be responsible for any parking fines/tickets.

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