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AGM Newsletter 2021

Guru Pyaree Sadh Sangat Ji

vwihgurU jI kw Kwlsw vwihgurU jI kI Pqh

The Sewadars of Siri Guru Singh Sabha Croydon would like to share this newsletter with you highlighting everything that has been done to support the Gurdwara and the Sangat since Lockdown 1 (March 2020).

Sangat members have expressed to us that we have not communicated or updated them on issues, improvements, information, or announcements relating to the Gurdwara.

We want to reassure the Sangat that we have on every occasion communicated from:

  • Darbar Hall stage
  • Gurdwara notice board
  • Website (
  • SGSS WhatsApp mailing list
  • Official Gurdwara Facebook page: SGSS Croydon GurdwaraOfficial Gurdwara Instagram page: @CroydonGurdwara
  • Official Gurdwara YouTube page: SGSS Croydon Gurdwara
  • Email.To ensure you don’t miss any updates you can be added to the Croydon Gurdwara WhatsApp Broadcast list. Please text your name and number to 07764633014 with a request to added.

    If you would like further information or have any questions, please e-mail or call 07764633014.

    The AGM is being held on Sunday 25th April 2021. We ask you to join so you can hear in more detail about what we have done.


    Why the Interim Committee was set up

    In February 2020, the Chairman explained that he wanted continuity and peace for all. He said that the Sangat must not suffer and that the best course of action is to immediately dissolve the current committee due to the constant disruptions, leaking of sensitive information, constant disruptions of meetings, and continued disputes between the Executive Committee and Croydon Sevadar groups.

    An agreed selection of office bearers was made to carry out interim duties with a view to holding AGM in the future. Please refer to the Croydon Gurdwara website for more information.

It is our humble bhenti that you read this newsletter which will highlight everything you need to

know to support Croydon Gurdwara for the sangat.

View Full Newsletter PDF here