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Guidelines for House Program

Guru Pyaree Saadh Sangat Ji,
Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

“O Sikhs of the Guru, O friends, walk on the Guru’s path. Whatever the Guru says, accept thats as good; the sermon of the Lord Har Har, is unique and wonderful” II 1 II Pause

Ang 667, Dhanasaree Mahalla 4

By the grace of Dhan Dhan Sahib Satguru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, the sewadars have come together to ensure that we as a collective Sangat do our upmost to keep full Satkaar (respect) and Pyaar (love) of Guru Maharaj by working together in line with Gurmat Principles and Maryada (the code of conduct as per the direction of Guru Maharaj).

In the recent events where beadbi (dishonour) of Sri Guru Sahib’ Pavitar Saroop has taken place across the World, the sewadars are implementing a new programme to safeguard Guru Maharaj from such acts. This is particularly important in the event of Guru Maharaj ever having to leave the Gurdwara premises for any programmes requested by any sangat member/family.

In such a case, the Gurdwara and Sewadars will fully support any sangat member/family on any programmes they wish to have, based on the following conditions being adhered to:

  • The Sewadars will come either a day or so before, or on the day of the programme and set up everything for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which will include the Palki Sahib (throne for Guru Maharaj), Ramalae (Guru Maharaj’ robes), Chandani (canopy to be placed directly over Guru Granth Sahib Ji), Chor Sahib (whisk), & all white Ramalae (white sheets to be placed on Guru Granth Sahib Ji). This will all be provided by the Gurdwara.
  • The Sewadars will bring Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji to the premises, which will include providing transport for Guru Sahib to come, physically carrying them in on their heads, protected and guarded at all times, and then placed on the Palki Sahib (throne) where Guru Sahib’s Parkash will take place (the act of Guru Sahib being unwrapped, and opened for the Sangat to do darshan). The Sewadars will also complete the opening Ardas and take the Hukumnama (reading from Guru Sahib).
  • Preparations for Karah Parshad Di Dheg (Parshad) will be prepared by the Gurdwara at the Gurdwara, and brought on the day of the programme. The Gurdwara will provide all the baatae (bowls for serving the Parshad) and any other tools necessary.
  • If there is a room above where Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’ parkash has been done, no one ,under any circumstances is to stand/sit/rest/walk/be present in that room during this time. Once Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has left the premises, are the sangat member/family allowed to use that room as normal.
  • The Gurdwara will provide the sangat member/family all the utensils/cooking pots and pans if required. Prior to this a full inventory list will be made showing what has left the Gurdwara, and upon completion of the programme at the premises the inventory list will be reinspected. This will need to be signed by the Sewadar(s) and sangat member/family. If anything is lost/damanged the sangat member/family will be liable for damages. Either the Sewadars can drop these to the premises, of the sangat member/family can collect upon signing the inventory list. The Gurdwara will not charge for using any utensils/cooking pots and pans during the duration of the programme.
  • No Meat (this includes Fish & Eggs) or Alcohol is to be on the premises during the time the Sewadars initially come to set everything up and take everything* back. This includes the consumption or distribution of the above items using any of the utensils/cooking pots and pans provided by the Gurdwara. This also includes if the sangat/family member wishes to use their own equipment. (*everything is defined as belonging to the Gurdwara)
  • Upon completion of the programme, the Sewadars will arrange directly with the sangat member/family to take Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and all items bought along (list is defined in Point 1) to the Gurdwaras Sahib. The Sewadars will do the Sukh Asan Sewa (the act of closing Guru Sahib, and wrapping them up in clean robes), carrying them to the car and provide the transport for Guru Sahib to return back to the Gurdwaras Sahib.
  • If the sangat member/family wish to return all the utensils/cooking pots and pans back at a later time/ date, then they must make contact with a Sewadar and arrange a date and time to return everything. The Sewadars can also collect at a later date and time if required.
  • The sangat member/family agree to adhere to these terms as listed above, and take full responsibility for any damage/loss to any item provided by the Gurdwara.
  • The sangat member/family agree to adhere to ensuring that full respect and security of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is maintained throughout the time Guru Sahib is present.
  • 11. Only the nominated Sewadars will partake in bringing and taking Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and their items (as outlined in Point 1) to and from the Gurdwara. Sewadar also includes the Giani Ji(s) (Head Priest(s)
  • 12 There will be no charge (Bheta) to take Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee’ Pavitar Saroop from Gurdwara Sahib if Sangat member / family wish to make any donation they can either get receipt or put in guru ki golak.
  • 13 Sikh Rehat Maryada copy is available on Gurdwara website to download using the following link

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